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LIVE GLITCH – Lysol 24 Oz Cans Only 30 Cents!

HURRY  and order this Professional LYSOL Brand Disinfectant Foam Cleaner, 24oz Aerosol, 12/Carton which appears to be a glitch as it is listing 12 of $3.62. Remember orders can be cancelled or you may only get one. JOIN OUR HOTTEST  GROUPS Glitch Community Clearance Community Walmart Clearance

Glitch?! Disney Toy Boxes ringing Up 18¢!

OMG! If you have a K-mart in your area – you may want to stop what you are doing and run and see if you can find these Disney toy boxes! Someone from out Glitch Group on Facebook reported they rang up for just 18¢ each! That’s insane! Not sure if this is a Glitch …

Walmart Clearance Finder Tool

Walmart Store Inventory Checker Tool Before heading out to your local Walmart; wouldn’t it be great to know if the item is in stock? Although this tool is not 100% accurate it makes a great resource . We have also made it super easy for you to remember this page as you can go to …